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我们的目标是让我们的投资者满意。 ​

Ray Nexus' Strategic Approach to Investor Success

Ray Nexus enables wealth creation by structuring, personalising, identifying and capitalising investments that drive long-term profitability for our investors. Building strong relationship with our investors is key.


Direct, Diverse, Transparent

  • With each acquisition opportunity, we approach these deals with a direct, hands-on investing style.

  • We offer investors a diversified set of opportunities, so they can decide where and when to invest.

  • We deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns by working with partners who share our core values. 

  • We keep everything transparent with our investors, and only bring deals to them that work with their criteria.


Empower Investor Engagement

  • Onboard active investors 

  • Work with investors that have industry experience

  • Increase our investor list which would allow the growth of Ray Nexus, making it a strong, credible, global company.

  • Build strong relationships with our investors.


Foster Trusting Partnerships

  • We build long-term business partnerships, grounded in trust and respect.

  • We align with our investors, co-investing in every investment opportunity.

  • We persist on every investment, with steadfast attention from beginning to end.

  • We commit to complete transparency and putting our investors' interests first.

Why invest in Ray Nexus?

As an M&A holding company specializing in tech acquisitions, we are committed to driving the future of technology and delivering value to our investors.


Tech-Forward Focus

We operate at the intersection of technology and innovation, identifying and acquiring businesses poised for future success.


​Strategic Growth

We are dedicated to strategic growth and fostering synergy among our portfolio companies, ensuring sustainable long-term value.


Proven Track Record

Our team of seasoned M&A professionals has a history of successful tech acquisitions, delivering substantial returns to investors.


Transparent and Ethical

We uphold the highest ethical standards, and transparency is at the core of our operations.

If you're eager to delve deeper into our strategies, don't hesitate to reach out.

For comprehensive details on the Ray Nexus Investor Criteria, please continue below.

与 Ray Nexus 一起投资


Ray Nexus 通过广泛的尽职调查和与分享我们核心价值观的合适人选合作,始终如一地为投资者提供风险调整后的回报。我们的直接投资方法允许投资者选择适合其投资目标的特定交易。

以下是在美国地区投资 Ray Nexus 的最低要求:

  • 投资者必须是美国公民或美国永久居民

  • 投资者必须满足收购交易的最低投资额(通常为 250,000 美元 - 500,000 美元)

  • 投资者应该是an 认可投资者

以下是使用 Ray Nexus 进行投资的最低全球要求:

  • 必须通过身份证明他们居住在哪个国家

  • 投资者必须满足收购交易的最低投资额($500,000 - $1,000,000)

  • 投资者的投资必须多元化

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